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Pilates at ALIGN

Our Pilates Instructors are highly experienced. They come from all different trainings and backgrounds ranging from Classical to Contemporary, Rehab based to Athletic Conditioning. It is our number one priority to meet every clients needs and goals.  



At ALIGN we offer Private Pilates sessions and small group Pilates classes. During your Pilates classes and Private Pilates sessions you will use all of the Pilates equipment- the Pilates reformer, wunda chair, tower as well as Pilates Mat exercises in your sessions. Our highly trained instructors are sure to keep the classes challenging and inviting for all fitness levels. 

Beniefits of Pilates? Improve flexibility and build strength. We emphasize alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and better balance.

Pilates equipment classes at ALIGN are small enough to be modified for beginners to advanced Pilates clients.


ALIGN offers GYROTONC Private sessions using the Gyrotonic Method uses specialized equipment that allows you to move with support and resistance. Gyrotonic exercise sequences are intended to increase the functional capacity of the entire body. Key principles are also found in swimming, dance, yoga, tai chi, and gymnastics, and emphasize continuous, flowing movements, synchronized with corresponding breath patterns.

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