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Here is what our clients have to say...

"Since the end of August I've lost more than 20 pounds, my pant size has dropped four sizes, and I can move my body! I mean, I'm sore half the week (ha!) but my hips and core are so much stronger than before. Pilates has really helped me reverse alot of the nagging hip and knee pain I used to have. I haven't been back to see my PT since I started taking pilates classes."


"I was an avid class pass user, and have taken over 300 classes with them. Nothing compares to the quality of instruction and caring community at Align. "


"Morgan is an amazing Boxing Instructor! I moved to Austin recently from NYC and took a lot of boutique fitness boxing classes in the city, and have to say this was honestly one of my favorites!"


"After a few sessions back on the reformer, I was able to apply what I’ve learned to other aspects of my work out. I felt this first when doing core exercises such as plank, but even in spin class. I’m so excited you’ve opened!"


"Brooke pays close attention to your body’s needs and creates a uniquely tailored session to meet you where you are.  She doesn’t use a checklist of moves.  She has a wealth of expertise to draw on and applies it creatively not just by the book".


"I started taking classes three months ago and in a short period of time feel 100% better than I did when I started. The classes are super targeted and varied, and the small class size is a far more civilized way to exercise. It feels like going to someone's home and working out with friends. Brooke, Chris and Maggie have all been great, and the new space is even more beautiful than the last. Highly recommend."


"I had chronic pain that I thought I was just going to have to live with.  Pilates at Align, taught with expertise and specific focus on my particular needs, changed that.  The old pain is gone, and when new ones arise, I have tools to address them and a teacher with a very large toolbox."


"I recommend Brooke Bowersock and Align without any reservation.  Brooke is an excellent instructor for anyone seeking a stronger and more powerful physical and mental state.  I have been studying Pilates with Brooke since she opened her first studio fourteen years ago. I have continued to take classes from Brooke since then because I knew it was literally the best thing I could do for myself.  Brooke continues to expand her professional training which enriches her teaching tremendously.  I recently experienced a foot injury and my rehabilitation has been quick and easy because my body is strong from a decade plus of Pilates instruction.

For myself, I need to feel like I am studying under a teacher whom I can trust.  I am always treated with kindness, respect, awareness and encouragement.  Brooke is a very positive and professional person.  She always has your best interests in mind.

I am so excited for Brooke’s newest incarnation, ALIGN, and am eager to be in her new studio as she takes her expertise to a whole new level and new community of students!  I can say without reservation that my body and my mind are so much healthier from working with Brooke.  I always feel better after I leave one of Brooke’s classes.

I am truly grateful that I found Brooke and her wonderful studio fourteen years ago." 


"I have been a private client of Brooke’s for 6 years and I recommend her unconditionally. I was drawn to Brooke when I learned of her early history of having been an international soccer athlete and her many years of experience providing and teaching Pilates. Brooke has a diverse playbook of exercises that seems endless. Always something new. I am never bored. She continues to be a lifetime student herself and is always seeking workshops and continuing education. My experience of her is that she is always positive, professional, focused and organized. She has a way of personalizing the workout to my very specific needs. Above all, she is kind, gentle and always supportive." 


“Doing Pilates at Align is the best part of my day, and I look forward to it every week.  After my cancer treatment, Brooke provided me with targeted exercises to help me regain my core strength and flexibility.  She pays careful attention to my injuries and modifies her instruction based on my needs.  Having a regular practice of Pilates has allowed me to finally start doing other things I love like tennis and running.  I am forever grateful for Pilates and especially the great instructors at Align!"

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