Watch Shannon’s video regarding parking.

Please note that since this video was shot the City of Austin has installed parking meters along the street parking. However, you can still find free parking under the Mopac bridge and in our lot as well.

 a few tricks to beat traffic during rush hour:

  • If you are coming from downtown or either direction on Mopac the best way to get to the studio is to go south on the Mopac Access road at Lake Austin Blvd. There is a street (alley way with a street name) "Foster" just past the bright blue Outdoor Voices building. Take a right at Foster and enter the first driveway on your right. This is our parking lot and you will be looking directly at the entrance to the studio.

  • If you are coming from Tarrytown or Westlake and heading east on Lake Austin Blvd take a right at Hearn Street (where the Phillips 66 is). Take an immediate left at the alley way. Drive down that alley for 3 blocks (even though the last block says one way “wrong way”- if is after 4:30pm it is fine to go the wrong way). Go all the way down the 3rd block and enter the driveway directly in front of the big blue building on your left.

Studio Policies:

  • BE ON TIME! Traffic in Austin is unpredictable at times, so if you’re running late just call the studio and we'll do our best to take care of you. We recommend arriving 10-minutes before scheduled class start time for returning clients and 15-minutes prior for newcomers.

  • BE AWARE of those around you. The group atmosphere is an excellent motivator + works best when everyone is mindful.

  • DURING CLASS/ SESSION: Please keep conversations to a minimum (it disturbs others trying to focus).

  • NO PHONES: Please leave your phone with your belongings. If you feel an emergency my arise during your class please let the front desk know we will make sure that you are notified. Many people come to class expecting to leave their world aside for the 55 minutes during class. Being on your phone is  distraction for the other class participants. 

  • SHOES are required of all Boxing classes. 

  • No one will be allowed in to class more than 8 minutes after class has begun.